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Note: I felt like this was a good follow up to my last post with all those pictures of me in a bikini. I’m such a big advocate of body positivity, and I was ecstatic to find this magazine. Read on for more of my thoughts:

I am totally in love with SLiNK magazine from the UK.

You all know I’m not big on “fashion.” For SLiNK, I make an exception. SLiNK is a fashion magazine that just happens to be about plus size women- it normalizes plus size fashion. These women are gorgeous and fabulous, no qualifiers. To me, SLiNK is all about promoting body positivity. Here, fashion is agent of change. I’m 100% down with that.

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When first saw these fashion shoots, I was blown away. These women are fabulous. There are 4 recent issues you can read for free online. I ate them up like candy and I want more.



If/when I have children (daughters?), I want to have many copies of this magazine lying around the house. I want them to see images of beauty that will combat the images of thinness they will be bombarded with every time they leave the house. It would be great if everyone was happy and healthy and no body shaming went on and people of all sizes were accepted everywhere, but that is not the world we live in.


We all need a healthy dose of body positivity. SLiNK is a good place to start.

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