Choosing what to make next


WA folder

I want to make sure I wear the clothes I spend time creating.

To this end, I worked my way through Colletterie’s Wardrobe Architect (this is the folder I keep my notes in). It is a series of blog posts and activities to help one think critically about what you actually wear. It was like therapy for my disorganized creative process. It helped me to get a better picture of my style and intentionally choose my next projects.

For example, I often find myself looking through my drawers and hating all my shirts. I wear only a few of my tops that I have. So I should make some more tops. The Wardrobe architect helped point me in the direction of which tops I actually wear- v-necks, wraps, and collared shirts in earthy tones.

Apparently I needed something to tell me this, since I hadn’t been able to figure it out till now.

I didn’t participate in Me-Made-May this year, but I followed along with the many sewists who did.  I’d like to participate next year, so I’ve got some work to do.  This post from Paunnet just about said it- If I wear something as soon as it comes out of the wash, then I should make another one. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Some things I’m going to focus on this summer:

  • V neck teeshirts
  • Shorts to wear under short dresses
  • Adding pockets to dresses

I’m going to expand my exploration after this. I’d like to be more mindful and minimalistic about all the crafty non-sewing DIY things I make too. But more on that later. Don’t worry, I’m still going to finish my summer dress series, like I planned. But what comes next, and in between- that needs intention and planning.

I linked this post to the Weekly Wishes Linkup on Nectar Collective.

  1. I’m with you, I don’t know how, but it seems to be so easy to end up with a closet of things you don’t ever wear. I don’t know if tastes are always changing or if it’s just not knowing what you want. It’s so nice to finally have it all figured out though isn’t it? V-necks and dresses with pockets are probably the greatest clothes ever created. Good luck on creating your new pieces!


  2. Jasam said:

    It’s so amazing how you make your own clothes! I bought a sewing machine but I haven’t sewn anything for myself. I really like that you deliberately choose what you’re going to wear. Good luck with your goal!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! And good luck with your sewing machine. The first piece of clothing I ever made was a pair of pajama pants- they’re super easy and I’d recommend them as a first project.


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