Nettie success!

E-DSC_0104 copy

So after last weekend’s miserable fail, I looked through my fabric stash for another Nettie attempt.  I found a green ribbed lycra/cotton blend with well over the 50% stretch recommended. The ponte I used last week barely had 50% stretch, and the green ribbed blend for this dress easily stretches past the 50% mark. Pay attention to fabric stretch if you make a Nettie. As you can see, the green ribbed blend works well!

In addition to the same modifications I made to the last dress, I also added even more room in the shoulders and bust- I added a full two inches to the top of the shoulders and graded the sides of the bust to a size 14. The rest of the dress is a size 12. It is still a little tight under the arms! But it fits.


I also made the sleeves longer than the short sleeves. I cuffed, ironed, and tacked the hem of each sleeve in place (rather than sewing all the way around). I used my serger on all the seams except the hem. For the hem, I sewed a straight stitch while stretching the fabric.


I also went back to my original Nettie to see if I could make it wearable. To do this, I cut off the sleeves and deepened the armholes 2 inches under each arm. I also ripped off the original binding around the neck and then cut out the back of the dress for the medium back option. I’m wearing the dress over a sports bra in these pictures, but the dress completely covers a regular underwire bra.


So now I have two Nettie dresses to wear all summer. The green ribbed dress is pretty clingy and very comfortable, while the grey ponte is smoother and silkier. I’m saving this pattern in my pattern folder, but I think I’m done with it for now. Figuring out the fit was a challenge, and I am proud that I was able to make it work. Makes me want to try another commercial pattern… maybe something with a woven fabric?


Thanks to my sister Ro for taking these photos.


  1. Heather Lou said:

    That sports bra looks dope! Glad you made it work the second time. Looking at your back I can see why some folks are having issues with it being narrow. It was originally drafted to be low in the back and I added a high back option for fun. I have narrow shoulders and it never came out i testing how slim it is in the high back version! If you make another high back I would suggest doing a slash and spread at the nape of the neck to give you a little more width!


    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks so much for the feedback. Next time I make a Nettie I’ll be sure to try that technique. Great pattern! Looking forward to your future ventures.


  2. Judy Trudeau said:

    Very cute, Claire


  3. Michele Steiner said:

    Claire, you look gorgeous!


  4. I just saw your pix on the Nettie voting page and wanted to let you know I love your green dress. You really look gorgeous in the pictures. The photo at the top has just a fun, vibrant quality to it.


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