Nametags and friends


Rachel from House of Pinhero hosted a nametag swap recently, and I decided to join. I was paired with Marilla, an amazing seamstress from the UK. The idea for the swap came from a fat quarter retreat she (Rachel) attended, where everyone had beautiful handmade name tags. There is a sewist meetup going on soon in the UK, but I will not be able to make it šŸ˜¦ Fortunately, I did get to make and receive an awesome name tag!

photo 4 copy_A

First off, the nametag I made for Marilla: All this geography and travel stuff got me thinking about maps! So that is the theme I went with for her nametag. I usedĀ felt, fabric, printable cotton, an embroidery hoop, and thread (and needle). I also printed out a map of the UK from Google Maps.

I cut a square from the fabric and the UK shape from the felt. I carefully aligned England/Scotland and Ireland up and pinned them to the fabric square.

nametag 2 copy

Then I sewed the UK shapes on to the nametag with a blanket stitch using regular thread (the kind you use on a sewing machine). It looks so cute in the embroidery hoop! Makes me want to just leave it framed like that… mayhaps an idea for another project?

photo 1 copy

After that, I embroidered her name and a couple of stars over the felt map of the UK.

photo 5 copy_A

I also printed out some “Hoopes Park Studios” labels on the printable cotton and sewed one on the back of her nametag. The printable cotton I bought from Dharma trading. I think the price was really reasonable, and the product was easy to use. The instructions for printing on the fabric were clear and the labels turned out well. I have about 5 more sheets left over and I’m excited to see how color printing turns out.

I used some white and black animal print velvet for the back. I made sure to sandwich a loop of ribbon between the front and back pieces of the nametag so I could hang it.

photo 3 copy

Next, the “nametag” from Marilla (which is the best part of this post). Ā It is actually a handkerchief.



A bit non traditional but still wonderful! It is super detailed and carefully stitched. She even sent it with this adorable card she made. With a robot!



Here’s a little detail of the spool and scissors:


I love it!Ā For more of Marilla and the stuff she sews, check her out here.

  1. leeda said:

    what a neat idea!!! i love dharma trading! ive never tried that product but it sounds super cool. i usually only buy dyes or dye setting solutions there so when i place my next order i’ll be buying some of that printable cotton! so cool!

    at this volume


    • The best thing I found about this printable fabric was that it works with any printer, so I didn’t need to go searching for a special inkjet printer. I’d love to see what you come up with!


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