Long cardigan


There is this gorgeous nature reserve outside of the city. Paths meander through fields, forests, and farms. Each time you reach the top of a steep hill there is another breathtaking view to see. It is one of my favorite hiking spots. I always feel accomplished and recharged after a couple hours there. Our hike there was almost too warm for layers, but it got windy once we hiked up high and I was glad to have this cardigan with me.

I found this soft, deep blue sweater that used to be my dad’s (read: too big, but nice and long!). It was perfect to make into a long cardigan.



I cut the sweater open straight down the front and around the neck.


I used some leftover flannel from making pajama pants to make bias tape to cover the raw edges of the sweater. E-74_collage

Then I slimmed the sweater down. I turned it inside out and used chalk to draw a new seam line before I pinned, sewed, and trimmed the seam.


inside out view

Here it is all done and keeping me warm.

:E-31 E-60

Also, that tank top is a dress that I cut off at the waistline. The dress was way too short but still fit up top.

Here’s to a successful hike!


tank top / cardigan // DIY :: shorts / northface :: shoes / socks // old :: earrings // art fair




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