Peasant shirt

E-photo 5

I found a collared shirt at the thrift store, made of this lovely, silky, pink seersucker. Unfortunately it didn’t fit well, so I decided to make it into a peasant blouse. I’ve found it’s a good type of shirt for spring and fall. I actually made this shirt last spring. Since then it has been one of my favorite things to wear- the fit is airy but not matronly. Last fall, I wore it with this denim shirt I altered.

It was a pretty easy modification. I cut off the sleeves of the shirt and around the neck. I also shortened the bottom of the shirt.

peasant shirt tutorial


I serged the raw edges of the shirt sleeves and hem. Then I turned them under 1/2 inch and sewed a hem.

peasant shirt tutorial 2


Next I made a gathered collar. I serged the raw edge of the neck and turned it under 1 inch. I sewed around the edge, leaving room to insert elastic. I made a gathered collar by pulling the elastic until I liked the shape of the shirt. Then I sewed the ends of the elastic in place at the front of the shirt.


We were taking pictures under the tree and Em said, “hang from one of the branches!” So of course I did. I think this shot also shows the bottom of the shirt well. I left the hem longer in the back than in the front.


The cat came over to take part in the photoshoot, so of course I had to include him. He is the friendliest cat I have ever met. Also, my sister is studying abroad in Spain and will be happy to see him! Hi Ro!

You can see the gathers around the neck and the texture of the fabric in this shot.


That’s it!

E-photo 1

E-photo 2

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  1. Ro said:

    Gorgeous!!! Love the pants with the shirt and the cat with the whole outfit. What a look! Thanks for the shoutout. Miss ya sis


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