Uno más

One more yoga mat bag! I’ve been cranking ’em out.


This bag was made for my friend and sometimes photographer, Emily. She dropped off a bunch of scraps from her fabric stash and told me to go to town.  So I put a cat on it… heh heh.  I think it turned out just her style, but I’m not sure if she’ll like the slinky cat. She hasn’t seen it yet but I had fun making it. (UPDATE- after I wrote this post I gave it to her and she loved it!)

Here is the bag design laying flat, before I constructed it.



I added some stripes made of fabric scraps, and a felt cat.

slinky cat

You can download the slinky cat appliqué pattern here, created by yours truly. I cut the shape out of felt, stitched it on around the border, and then stitched with  a different color for the whiskers and detail around ear and leg (the white lines on template).



I used an old leather belt for the strap that matched the design on the patterned fabric. I also used brown leather for the bottom of the bag to match the belt.







I’ve refined the design I use for these bags, and they come out pretty solid. Let me know if you want one! I’ll make you a custom bag as a trade, or for $30 plus shipping. I’ve gotten a ton of use out of mine- it keeps my mat clean, rolled up, and looking sharp!


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