Spring scarf




Scarves are one of my favorite things to wear, pretty much all the time. Except maybe on majorly hot summer days. Even then I have been known to wear scarves, because… protection from the sun! And when it’s not hot out, they keep me warm. Scarves are a winner in my book.

To make this scarf, I bought about a yard of red cotton fabric from the quilting section of the fabric store. After pre-washing it, I traced one of my favorite circle scarves (laid flat, of course). I ended up with two rectangles of 2.5 ft x 15 in. I serged them together with black thread, end to end. Then I serged a rolled hem around both edges of the scarf.

photo 3

photo 1

I thought about stamping it, but decided I like it how it is. Maybe I’ll stamp another project. I think the contrast of the black thread with the red fabric of this scarf is enough.






This has been a week of quick projects.

  1. Michele Steiner said:

    I love the contrasting thread in the surging.


    • Thanks so much! I only have black and white serger thread, so I’m a little limited for choices, but I think the black turned out well.


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