When creativity wanes


I have moments where I feel completely uninspired. They come at the most unexpected times. It’s the worst when I have free time and don’t feel creative. I was looking forward all week to having some time to sew, and as soon as I sat down at the machine, all my creative energy left me. My creativity ebbs and flows. Sometimes I feel so full of it that I could burst! Those moments where my head feels cluttered, I can channel that energy into drawing or sewing or just writing down ideas to save for dull moments like this.


The cat is sleeping and snoring next to me, laying on a duvet I made for my sister her freshman year of college. The fabric is from the fabric district in LA. I love fabric districts. Yesterday I biked over to the fabric district in Philly. Visiting the stores there, running my hands through the fabric and imagining what I could make almost always gets my creative juices flowing.

But then I got home and sat down at the sewing machine, and all that energy left me.

At times like this, just getting started on a list of goals is often enough to break the creative block.

Other things that help:


reading my Bloglovin feed
going for a walk

music and dancing
looking through old lists of ideas
art museums/browsing art and sewing projects online
selfie photo shoots


also playing around with photo editing apps


So now I will press onward, toward completion of today’s list (finish a skirt I started, make another yoga mat bag). Headed to the Barnes Foundation later today with my mama. For me, looking at art is like creative caffeine. Hopefully I’ll come home feeling inspired. Wish me luck.

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