Cabin Fever- Lumberjack Dress

Ok so I seriously didn’t know what to call this post- Plaid Dress Redo? Boring title, and this dress is anything but! I found this flannel plaid dress at the goodwill off of 202 right near the Delaware border, and it was just so scrumptious I had to do something with it. I was all like, “is it a nightgown or a dress?” It was certainly fitted at the waist like a dress, and almost perfectly my size (except for the button hole at the bust- this is a common problem for me), but the length was waay nightgown-ish.


First thing I did was get rid of the boob button gap. I let out the bust about a half inch at the side seams.

You can see the new seam (in grey thread), and the little holes that were the original seam in this picture. I also moved the button in the front of the dress over about 1/4 inch. This made enough room to minimize the boob button gap.

Then I cut the dress above knee level. At this point, I decided I wanted the skirt a little less A-line and a little more pencil, so I marked, tapered, and serged it. I turned the hem under 1.5 inches and topstitched it.



I saw this dress online that I liked, and decided to add a similar detail to the waist of my dress. Er ma gerd Pinspiration.


I made some bias tape (tutorial to follow) and pinned it in place. My nifty new dress form was a big help with this.




One great thing about this dress is all the red topstitching- this made alterations very easy because I could topstitch without it looking incongruous with the rest of the dress. I topstitched along the buttons below the hips to keep them from popping open.

Loving this dress, and the momentary warm weather!


Da back:



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