Care Package


This is another post in which I go gaga over snail mail. More specifically, a post in which I follow some tutorials I found on A Beautiful Mess to make a care package to send to one of my collegiate friends. I remember how disconnected I was from home when I was in college, and letters/packages from home gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling, made it all a little less lonely. I used to get giddy over snail mail from home, so I like to pay it forward when I have the chance.
I found this tutorial  on making these adorable little books. I used white paper and velvet animal print fabric to make the book, and then I embroidered the cover with beads!


washi tape roses
I also found this cool rose washi tape that I included with the package, and one of those Valentine’s Day cards from a while back (with a note inside apologizing for my tardiness, of course).

Then I followed this this brilliant tutorial on making your own packaging (um why did I not think of this?!).


I cut out an appropriate sized piece of a paper bag, which I stitched together with a basting stitch on my machine (my needle wasn’t super happy about it, but it did okay). I addressed it, crammed aforementioned items inside, sewed remaining edge closed, and popped it in the mail! Heres hoping she enjoys it.


20140302-231408.jpgWhat other items do you like to include in care packages?


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