Finishing my Uniquely You dress form- steps 7, 8, and 9


Well, it has been a long time coming, but I’m pleased to be posting my last post on fitting my Uniquely You dress form.

*Pause for victory dance*

So here we are.

Where I left off last post I had finished fitting the top of the dress form. This post is long and picture heavy. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Step 7: Fit the bootie

And fit it we did. I knew that this part of the cover would be the tightest, because my hip/butt measurement was the biggest size listed for the size 4 cover. At this point, all the seams except the center front and center back seams were open from waist down. First order of business was to pin those open seams back together.


Once I had the cover zipped on, mom (what a trooper!) carefully pinned, starting at the waist, moving down to the hem. I turned round and round, and she put a few pins at a time in each seam. It took almost 30 minutes. Every few pins, she would inspect to make sure the seams hung perpendicular to the floor. I kept track of what she was doing in the mirror.


Here I am with all the pins in:


Then I transferred pins and sewed along the seams. In case you’re having trouble doing this, I wrote a tutorial on it here.

I tried it on again, marked where I needed to make adjustments:


Tried it on again, adjusted, etc. Until it fit.

We were very meticulous about fitting the cover exactly to my torso, but we couldn’t quite get rid of all those little wrinkles around my belly and thighs. The cover didn’t pull at all- in fact it did fit like a second skin. After trying and trying different ways to pin and sew the front seams to get rid of the wrinkles, we gave up. We decided that the little wrinkles were an occupational hazard of making something flat (fabric) fit something round (me).

Next, the instructions say to trim seam allowances to 3/4 inch and clip seams at the waistline. I did not trim the seam allowances, and I only clipped the seams a little (skipping this didn’t seem to make a big difference in how the cover fit on the foam form, and I want to have the option to let out the seams if I gain weight in the future).

The last part of step 7 is to mark the waistline and shoulder seams:


20140223-181631.jpgI wrapped a tape measure around my waist and used a yellow fabric marker to mark above and below. I chose yellow because I didn’t want the lines to jump out too much when looking at the dress form.

The next instructions were a little confusing- they say “mark the armhole at the set-in sleeve line, starting where the shoulder and upper arm hinge…”

I wasn’t sure about all the “hinge” business so I just marked where the shoulder seam would be on a tailored shirt. Again, I used a yellow marker, so it is a little hard to see. It helped to mark with chalk before using the marker.20140223-181736.jpg



Step 8: Hey pal, ready for me to zip this on you?


To put the cover on the foam form, first tie the strings loosely through the holes in the front of the cover, then ease the shoulders of the cover over the shoulders of the form. The first time I tried it, it looked like this:20140223-181859.jpg

Major pulling on the front of the cover. There was no way that the cover was going to zip over those torpedo boobs without ripping. So, taking a cue from Shona Stitches, I sculpted some new bosoms.


I used scissors to cut a little bit at a time off of the foam form till I achieved the desired shape. I kept measuring the bust circumference and trying on the cover periodically till I was able to zip it on.


Make sure the center front seam is straight as you press the foam down and zip the cover on. You may need an extra pair of hands of this.  Then adjust the cover on the foam lady by pushing your hands through the armholes, etc.

LAST STEP Step 9: adjust measurements

The foam pushes on the cover once you have zipped it on, making it expand. The last step is to adjust the dress form’s measurements so they match yours. The instructions include a handy table in step 9, but if you are having trouble with this I have included some examples.

1) Measure your bust, waist and hips. Do the same for the dress form with the cover zipped on.

Example: My measurements were 35-26-36. The dress form’s measurements were 36-27-37

2) Subtract your measurements from the form’s measurements to get the difference

Example: 36 inches – 35 inches = 1 inch. There is a 1 inch difference between my measurements and the form’s measurements

3) Divide this number by 4, then sew a new side seam with this seam allowance to make the cover more snug.

Example: 1 divided by 4 = 1/4 inch. I sewed a new side seam 1/4 inch away from the old side seam

When I did this, I ended up needing to cut off even more of the foam from the bust. I also cut some foam off of the the back, right under where the shoulder blades would be on a person. I did this to make the dress form’s rib cage measurement match mine (because my rib cage measurement was smaller than the form’s rib cage).

Zip the cover back on the form, re take measurements, and adjust as necessary.


Folks, that is it.

20140223-182053.jpg 20140223-182106.jpg

20140223-182620.jpg 20140223-182828.jpg

We may not have the same profile, but we have the same measurements!20140223-182754.jpg 20140223-182749.jpg

I hope that these posts have helped you fit your Uniquely You dress form. I have had a lot of fun working on the form and writing about it. Thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone working on their own dress form.

Mom, thank you SO much for your help finishing this! I could not have done it without your extra pair of hands.

*Update 4/13/2014*
Here is a blog button to add to your blog if you are also working on your dress form and want to share!
uniquely you button

Copy and paste this code into a widget (for WordPress) or gadge (for Blogger) on your side bar. Thanks for sewing along.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1887″ src=”” alt=”uniquely you button” width=”215″ height=”216″ />

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