Friendship quilt

In high school I had a good friend who also liked to sew, and when I went to college, we decided to make a pair of friendship quilts. She blogs on tumblr here.
The concept is just that each person starts out with a center square or rectangle, and the pieces are sent back and forth between the two people. Each person adds an another band of fabric to the outside and then sends it back. We mostly got together to work on them over school breaks instead of sending them through the mail. It was a fun way to reconnect with someone with whom I had shared so many good times, and sewing was an excuse to hang out. When she went to college a couple years later, we spent one weekend finishing hers and making it into a duvet cover (for a down comforter) for her dorm room. That was back in 2010. Mine is almost big enough, but we haven’t gotten together to sew since then. Here are some pictures of my quilt.







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