Valentines day card ideas


Those of you who know me know that I like making silly valentines day cards with bad puns. Last year I sent a card around with a picture of me dissecting a sheep heart on the front, and inside it said either, “I love ewe,” or, “ewe warm my heart!”

super flattering- am I right? ;)

super flattering- am I right? ūüėČ

Another card I did last year for those of my friends and relatives less inclined to find gross anatomical things funny, said, “I love you sew much!” I stitched hearts to the front of the card.


Now I’m tasked with coming up with another funny valentines day card… I have a few ideas, and I’ll post the final card after the big v day- don’t want to ruin the surprise for those readers who I’ll be sending cards to!

When I’m making a card, I like to start with what it is going to say. One saying I found is:

Front: For those singletons, it might be a funny reminder that, 80% of my socks are single too!

Inside: Party in my sock drawer! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Another saying I found that I really liked is in French, “L’amour est l’amiti√© mis en feu, et vous √™tes mon √©tincelle.”¬†It means, “Love is friendship set on fire, and you are my spark.” It would be nice to do some word art with this. Here’s a sketch.


I also really like these Disney villain cards from buzzfeed:


Finally, I saw these instructions from Cones and Clowns for a knotted heart. I think it would be a nice present for a friend who likes statement necklaces.

20140207-131051.jpgI also like putting fake tattoos and stickers in the cards. Takes me back to younger, more carefree days.¬†Happy almost Valentine’s day- hope you have fun making cards!

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