Fabric from India, and life lately

Sorry for the lack of sewing posts lately. I’ve been busy with finals for my third quarter of nursing school and put sewing away for a bit so it wouldn’t distract me. Instead I’ve been working on some other small things.

My parents took a trip to India, after almost two decades of thinking about traveling there. Before they left I showed my mom the kinds of fabrics I was thinking about, and this is what she found! Yay for travel presents.
She didn’t find fabric she thought I would like, but she did bring back scarves, embroidered shirts, throw blankets, tons of pillow shams with elephants on them, a couple bedspreads, and some bowls and earrings.





Other things lately:
My good friend Alie just got back from a road trip across the USA, and she made me this shadowbox full of shells, pebbles and a sand dollar from the California coast- what a nice reminder of summer in this snowy weather.


I’ve been working on an Impossible Puzzle- at this point about half of the pieces have been connected to another piece, but there is still a lot of work to do. I can’t quite remember what made me think this was a good idea, but I’ve put so much work into that I can’t stop now!


I recently discovered the art of Ben Belcher. I love how surreal and detailed his art is. I literally spent ten minutes looking at the second picture here, poring over the shapes and nested drawings. His website is http://benbelcherart.com/home.html



And, finally, I caught this distortion of light during the sunset as it shone through the windows of a building on campus. It’s not a particularly pretty building worthy of a picture, but the way the light looks like it is reflecting off of water is really beautiful.


As soon as finals are done I’m going to finish my dress form (aka this weekend), so hang in there. Thanks to everyone who reads and follows for your support! I’ve been having a wonderful time writing this blog and am glad to see others like it too.

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  1. rani2014 said:

    A happy lady with her stash from Mom!


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