Paper crane chain


Raise your hand if you think origami is cool.
There is an old Japanese legend that if you make 1000 paper cranes, you will have eternal good luck. Well, I don’t quite have enough time to fold that many paper cranes, but I like the idea of a paper crane chain. I was aiming for 36 cranes (half of 36 is 18, also a good luck number).

Here’s how I made them:


 After I had made all the cranes (my chain ended up with 29), I used a yarn needle to string them together. I tied a knot between each of the cranes to hold them up. I added a tassel to the end of the chain.


I like how colorful and whimsical it is! I’ve hung it in a few places- first by a window, but now it is draped across the piano.



20140115-002429.jpg20140115-002418.jpgI made this paper crane chain while I was visiting a good friend of mine in Delaware. We used to hang out all the time and sew in high school, but it had been a few years since we hung out. While I was working on this project she was making a glittery banner. She keeps a tumblr blog that you can find here. We have made many projects together, one of which I’ll be sharing later this month (as soon as I can find some good pictures).

Hope you all are staying warm in whatever weather Mother Nature has thrown your way. Philly is finally sunny after a long run of grey skies.

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  1. Angela said:

    So beautiful! My aunt used to always make these paper crane chains, I’ve always wanted to as well 🙂


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