Transferring pins

As I have worked my way through tailoring my Uniquely You dress form, I have had to do a lot of pinning. All those pins need to translate into accurate seam lines. I have had some trouble finding instructions on how to transfer pin lines into seams, so I thought I’d include an addendum to my tailoring posts on the subject. Hope it helps everyone who is working on their dress form.

So I start off with a line of pins. Here is the front and back.


After *carefully* removing the garment, I mark where the pins are with chalk.

I also mark how the edges of the fabric line up with chalk.


Then I unpin.

Next, I flip the fabric so the right sides are together.  I match up the fabric edges on the line I drew and pin the pieces of fabric together.


It is faint, but the chalk marks are visible through the fabric. I transfer these marks to the other side of the fabric by marking where I see them with chalk. You can faintly see the chalk mark in this picture next to my thumb, below the blue pin.



I connect the dots and sew along the chalk line.

A good way to double check that your seam is in the correct place is if some chalk sticks out from the seam when opened up. The amount of chalk showing should be about even along the whole seam.


This has worked out well for me so far. As long as I am meticulous throughout this process, the seam line is accurate. Once in a while I need to adjust the seam line a little, but that has been a rare occurrence so far.

Happy sewing!


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