Little DIYs last week

I love winter break! This was probably the last time, ever, that I will get to have time that is absolutely free, without taking vacation time. I’ve been living it up.

My sister liked my yoga mat bag and wanted me to make a bag for her. She spent two hours with me at Best Buy looking at computers after mine died this week, so how could I refuse? It was the least I could do for her hard work keeping me from being totally overwhelmed with the computer buying process. Here she is with her new bag, wearing her sorority swag (she is in Alpha Epsilon Phi). She likes neutrals, so I used three different fabrics and drew a mandala on the bottom of the bag.



I made a new print based on the bottom of her yoga mat and also doodled a whole bunch.



I got these shoes from DSW. They were 50% off and I had $15 worth of coupons. Original price- $50. What I paid- $10. Score! The inside sole was kind of coming up on one so I used some superglue to glue it down.



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