Happy new year


2013 has been quite a year. I started nursing school, started this blog, moved to Philly. I lost a good friend and made a few new ones. This upcoming year I will be finishing nursing school, finding a job and probably moving again. Here are my concrete goals for the year.

1. Keep sewing, and blogging
Sewing is one of my favorite things in life. I have had trouble making enough time for it in my busy schedule, but starting this blog has forced me to be good to myself and make time to sew. I’m continuing these in 2014. I’m committing to one sewing or DIY post each week.
2. Exercise
Always a challenge when busy. I’m aiming to swim a mile once a week, do Pilates or yoga once a week, and do one more hour of cardio per week (maybe biking or running). That’s three things, three hours, which feels like a manageable goal.
3. Be present
I tend to get overwhelmed thinking about all the things on my plate at once. This year I’m putting effort into being present, staying in the moment, and trying to enjoy things as they come.

Here’s to the new year, and here’s hoping that it holds continued healing and good things in store for everyone.

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