Yoga mat bag


I do yoga. I have kept a yoga practice on and off since I was in middle school. I’ve been carrying my yoga mat around since then without a bag, and I finally decided it was high time to make one.




I have mixed feelings about my yoga practice. On one hand, it keeps me sane (not to mention flexible) when things get busy. On the other hand, I recognize that yoga is a religious practice, so Try to pay it the respect I feel it deserves. I use yoga to find inner quiet, and I pay attention to my breathing and try to be mindful. I usually listen to a podcast (20 minute Yoga Download and Yoga To The People are my favorites). For anyone in the State College, PA area, Lila Yoga is one of the best studios I have attended. I’d definitely recommend looking it up.

I made this bag entirely from fabric scraps, including leftover fabric from the curtains my parents have in their room.

You need:
Fabric- heavy duty, like upholstery fabric
Fabric decorations
An old belt


What I did:

Cut out a 20×30 inch piece of heavy upholstery fabric.


Decorate it! Pin and then sew on decorations.





I used bias tape, ribbon, striped fabric and leather. I sewed the leather around the bottom if the bag to make it more durable. Also it looks cool!
Fold the fabric in half, hotdog style, and sew/serge the long edge. Cut the belt in half and sew it on with a big square that has an X in the middle. Make sure you do this before you put the bottom on.
Cut out a circle from the leather about 7 inches in diameter. Pin right sides together and sew it to the bottom of the bag. Mine looked like this once I flipped it right side out.


To finish the top of the bag, I turned the fabric over twice to make a thick hem and sewed it down. I attached the top of the strap at this time.


That’s it! I serged the inside edges as I went along. Total time to completion was about two hours (or the run time of the movie of The Color Purple). I thought about adding a drawstring to the top, but found that the bag didn’t need a drawstring to hold the mat inside.




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