Map ornaments


Ok so I feel like I have to write one obligatory post about something Christmassy- even though I don’t do Christmas, almost everyone I know does, and I still make/buy some small presents for my friends. Also Hanukkah was unseasonably early this year, and I haven’t quite gotten my fill of winter holidays yet. So that’s my Jewish justification for making ornaments.

I made these ornaments for some friends who are map and travel lovers.

You need:
An old map
Printer paper and some colored paper
Plastic needle
Rubber cement



Cut out a two of the same shape from the map, such as a heart, snowman, or snowflake. When you cut out the first shape, it may help to fold it in half so it is symmetrical. Use the first shape to trace and cut out the second shape so they are the same- they will eventually be glued back to back.




Use the rubber cement to glue one of the shapes to the white paper. Wait till it dries, and then cut it out. Glue the second shape to the back, let it dry, and then even out the edges with the scissors.


Since you have the glue out, now is a good time to make the message tag hanging from the bottom of the ornament. Cut out a rectangle from the colored paper and glue it in half. After it dries, write your message on it. I wrote, “Merry Xmas” on the front and “from Claire” on the back.



Now you connect everything with string, using the plastic needle. Cut about 11 inches of string for the top and 4 inches to connect the message tag to the ornament. Thread the plastic needle, poke it through the top of the ornament, and then tie a knot.



I drew a face on the snowman:


That’s it! Hang them on the tree (if you have one) or in the window, or send them to your friends so they can hang them on their trees.


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