Winter bike cap


I bike almost everywhere around the city- school, grocery shopping, to see friends…

As the temperature drops, my ears get cold, and eventually putting my hair over them isn’t enough to keep them warm. This is a hat I made that is thin enough to fit under a helmet, and keeps out the wind chill. Because the fabric is thin I don’t get overheated in it either.

What you need:
Knit fabric
Sewing stuff

What you do:
Cut out a circle about 6.5 inches in diameter. Wrap the fabric around your head, stretching it a little, to get an idea of how long to make the part that goes around your head. Mark it and then measure the length. Cut out a piece of fabric that length (I made mine 20 inches long) and 6 inches wide in the shape of a long rectangle:

This is the easiest way I know how to make a circle. 1. Start with a square, and then; 2. fold it diagonally into a triangle. 3. Fold that triangle two more times in half, until you have an ice cream cone shape. 4. Then cut a round top on the ice cream shape and; 5. unfold into a circle.


Here are the pieces of the hat cut out:


Serge the two short ends of the rectangle together, to make the sides of the hat.


Before you serge the top (the circle) to the sides (the closed rectangle you just made), it helps to make some chalk marks. Fold the closed rectangle in halves and then quarters to find 4 points that are each exactly 1/4 of the way around the circle. Mark these with chalk. Now, fold the circle into quarters and mark those 4 points around the edge with chalk. Match chalk lines on the circle with the chalk lines on the closed rectangle and pin. Doing this makes sure you are sewing the closed rectangle evenly on to the circle.


Serge the top of the hat to the sides, and be sure to take out the pins as you go- sergers and pins do not agree. You will probably need to stretch the top of the hat as you attach it to the sides.

Finally, serge the bottom hem. Sew a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine to hold down the end of the hanging serger seam.



That’s it! Here is the outside of the hat with another just like it that I made in blue:


I fold up a little brim on my hat in the front to keep it out of my eyes and leave it mostly unfolded in the back to cover more of my head.



Don’t forget a helmet! Enjoy your warm head and keep on biking.

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