Smashed penny magnets


You know all those squished pennies you collected on trips as a kid? The ones where you pick a design, insert penny and quarters, then turn the crank until the penny drops out, magically transformed into a souvenir of whatever museum or national park you are visiting? I have like 60 some of them. The collection I amassed as a child was sitting around in a box with no one to enjoy the nostalgia those little pennies induce until I decided to make magnets out of them.

What you need:
Squished pennies
Round magnets (from your local craft store)
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Sand paper

What you do:
1. Choose your pennies. Some are probably a little curved from the penny squishing machine. Do your best to bend them flat with your hands. If you can’t, no biggie.
2. Rough up the back of the pennies a little with the sand paper and wipe them clean. Wipe the magnets clean too (they usually have some magnet dust on them).
3. Liberally apply hot glue to the back of each penny and then press the magnet into the hot glue. You may need to add some more hot glue so that it comes up around the sides of the magnet. Do this one at a time to each of the pennies because you need to stick the magnet on while the glue is piping hot.


4. Let cool completely. Then stick the penny magnets on your fridge, magnetic wall, metal object, or wherever they’ll attach. Sit back and enjoy as the memories of being a kid, squishing pennies, and the places you visited come rushing back every time you pass by.
My desk is red enameled metal, so I’ve been using the magnets to hold reminders I leave myself, and just to decorate.




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