Braided, knit circle scarf



Snuggly scarves. Mmm. Especially when it is cold out. Like right now.
This scarf is another beginner knitting project, just like this one. Since I am new to knitting, everything I come up with is beginner level… logic! It only took me couple evenings of knitting (while watching a movie) to do all the knitting for this scarf. The knitting goes a lot faster with bigger needles, and I found it really relaxing once I got into the groove.

What you need:
Size 11 knitting needles (8 mm)
Thick, fluffy yarn

What you do:
Cast on 7 stitches. Knit 1 row, then purl 1 row (I followed these awesome knitting tutorials from Gina Michele), then knit, then purl, etc. until you have a knitted piece a little over a yard long- mine was 38 inches- and then cast off.
In case you get lost while knitting, remember that it’s time to knit when you see the front/knitted side, and that it is time to purl when you see the back/purled side.


casting on 7 stitches20131116-150618.jpg

Make two more pieces like this so you have three pieces all together. If you braid them together now, they curl up on themselves and the scarf isn’t very thick. I got the three strands wet and then put them through a spin cycle in the washing machine. Then I laid them flat and put books on top to press them. They stayed flat much better after drying them under the books. The knitting also felted together and the strands shrunk a couple inches in the washing machine. Finally, braid the three strands and sew the ends together with leftover yarn. To do it, I used a plastic needle and the threads already hanging off the ends.


curling up before I put them through the washing machine

curling up before I put them through the washing machine


see the ends peeking out from the books?

see the ends peeking out from under the books?





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