The best way to mix peanut butter… ever.

Quick post: Just wanted to share with you all a very smart/stupid moment I had a couple days ago.
I like eating the natural peanut butter (aka the kind you have to mix when you open it because the oil has separated out), not JIF or anything like that. Smuckers and Whole Foods are my two favorite brands of creamy, salted, natural peanut butter.
But oh my goodness it is difficult to mix. I will spend a day turning the jar on different sides to get it to sort of mix itself, and then will spend at least 15 minutes mixing it by hand. The whole process is difficult, messy, oily, makes my hands tired, and wastes a lot of peanut butter.
So you can imagine how stupid I felt when I realized I could simplify the whole process by mixing the peanut butter in a food processor. Genius. Let me pause here for a moment to mourn all the time I have wasted over the past few years mixing peanut butter.
Moving on… mixing the peanut butter in the food processor, washing and drying the food processor and putting it away took about 5 minutes. Saves time, and so so much mental agony. Sometimes I would just want a PB&J and would have to spend 30 minutes making it because I would have to stir up a new jar of peanut butter.
I literally poured the jar’s contents into the food processor, pulsed it a few times, and then pressed “on” on the food processor. Poured it back into the jar using a rubber spatula, wasting less peanut butter than ever before!
This is me giving myself a pat on the back.
Hope this tip saves you all some time and agony.

Exhibit A:


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  1. Michele said:

    Thanks for the tip. A bonus feature is the kitchen smells like peanut butter. Yum!


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