Tote bag


Tote bags are useful, no? I’m always hauling around schoolbooks, my ipad, lunch, and other random stuff I think I’ll need throughout the day. My old tote bag was getting a bit worn, so I (mostly) followed this tutorial by Vanilla and Lace to make myself a new tote bag.

I used some heavy duty upholstery fabric from my big box of random fabric pieces and scraps (every person who sews has one) for the body. I used some leftover shaker tape for the straps. I changed a couple things from the tutorial. Instead of making two rectangles for the sides of the bag and sewing them together, I made one long rectangle and folded it in half. I also made boxed corners so the bag would have some depth. I made the corners by folding the corner into a triangle and sewing perpendicular to the vertical seam about two inches from the bottom above the corner. This video (starting at 0:44) is a good tutorial for how to do this.


The Vanilla and Lace tutorial showed a very sturdy, easy way to attach the straps to the bag. And the bag has been holding up well!

20131027-133122.jpg 20131027-133101.jpg


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  1. Michele said:

    Claire, please send a picture of the completed bag to Rochelle S., the original owner of the fabric. She will be thrilled to see what you have created with it.


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