Denim Shirt Remix


I found this gorgeous fabric at a thrift store in Seattle a few years ago. Problem was, it was in the form of a very heavy skirt that I never wore. I’m glad I kept it around, because I finally decided to use it to replace the back of a denim shirt.

You need:

-Denim shirt

– fabric

– sewing gear (sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.)

First, very neatly cut out the back of the shirt. You will be using this as your pattern.

Next, trace the denim piece you cut out onto the fabric. I made the new back piece larger than the denim piece, because I wanted the shirt to fit me a little more loosely. I also did this so the shirt won’t be too tight, because the denim is stretchy but the fabric is not.



I serged the raw edges of the fabric.

Finally, I carefully pinned and then sewed the new fabric back onto the denim shirt. I sewed the seams together flat, rather than with the right sides together (to minimize bulk along the seams), and then zig zagged over the raw edges.


whoops, photographer caught in the image!

whoops, photographer caught in the image

hey there!

hey there!

silly claire.

I think it’s totally a knockout piece. Maybe my favorite thing to wear this fall.

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the idea.

  1. Love the contrasting fabrics that are the same weight yet so different and complimentary! Nice job with the seams.


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