Fall ’13 Fashion DIY ideas

The New York Times has an amazing website to browse through current and past NY fashion weeks. Find it here. From the archives (it’s crazy that fall ’13 is already “old” news, isn’t it?) I found some clothes that I think would make some great DIYs or sewing projects.

Ohne Titel


Embellish a skirt, dress, or shirt by sewing a layer of sheer, textured fabric just under the hem of a skirt. The dress on the right is the look I’d go for. The dress on the left would be more complicated.


Marios Schwab


Paint these cool textures on to a burgundy or deep blue sweatshirt with fabric paint. Alternatively, cut out black felt patches in swirly shapes and sew them on.


Alberta Feretti


The shirt in the middle really caught my attention. Cut a the hem of a long, wide shirt like a “high to low” skirt, and then wear a belt around your waist. I also like these black and white belts. Use wide grosgrain or velvet ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow, or attach a buckle.

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