Henna letters


I wanted to share this card with you- I made it for my little sister. A few years ago, she came home from summer camp covered in henna tattoos, and generally enthralled by the designs used to decorate bodies with henna. Around this same time, I was in college and had a friend who was a master henna artist. She would create elaborate designs that ran up my arm and down my side, which looked super cool when I went rock climbing in a tank top or sports bra.
Feeling inspired, I decorated block letters with henna designs, using pen on card stock. I looked at pictures of henna designs on the web to get some ideas. “Ro” is her nickname. She loved it and has saved it to this day, pinned to her memory board along side pictures of friends. Im pleased with how it turned out as well, and I think it’s wholly unique.
Happy crafting!

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